Raytheon and DM50 Partner for Operation WarmHeart

Raytheon Missile systems is working with DM50 to support Airmen and their families in Tucson with Operation Warmheart, a program which gives commissary gift cards and Christmas gifts for Davis Monthan families in need. Support the cause by donating at PayPal below, or by sending money via Venmo to @OperationWmHT


The United States Air Force must conduct an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to determine what if any environmental consequences would result from a change of mission at any of its bases. An EIS is being conducted for Davis Monthan, which is being considered as an alternate basing site for 24 F-35A aircraft. The primary site being considered is in Fort Worth, Texas. The Air Force is holding a public hearing on March 10th at 5:00 PM at the Tucson Convention Center to gather public comments on the Draft EIS analysis.

The DM50 is asking for you to make written comments on the Draft EIS and also attend the hearing. The more positive support the base gets will drown out the few negative comments that will occur. The attached has some talking points that you might consider covering – please do not copy them verbatim.

Over 1,500 Airmen and their families joined us at the UA for good food and drinks, and to watch the UA beat the Red Raiders!

A great day of Golf at Randolph.  DM50 sponsored over 35 Airmen to join us at our annual Golf Tournament.

Support the base that supports Tucson

The DM50 is a non-profit, volunteer service organization comprised of over 100 local civic and business leaders that works to educate the community on the vital role that Davis-Monthan Air Force Base plays within the region. DM50 advocates on behalf of the airmen of Davis-Monthan, strengthening relationships between the Base and the educational, commercial, political, and social leadership of greater Tucson.

DM50 serves both the military and civilian communities of Southern Arizona by promoting and advocating for sustainable growth and quality of life that provides long-term stability to airmen and women and their families.

Military Spouse Employment Initiative

Finding employment opportunities for the spouses and families of the Airmen of Davis-Monthan is a critical part of overall military readiness and contributes greatly to the quality of life for the Airmen. Find out more about DM50’s Military Spouse Employment Initiative below.

Military Spouses Click Here!

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Since its inception, DM50 has been instrumental in providing $1,500,000 for initiatives to improve the lives of our DM airmen. As a major driver of the Southern Arizona economy and valued community asset, DM50 also serves to inform and educate at the local, state and national levels on the importance of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

Help us protect our local military assets and the nations’ defense.

DM50 speaks!

We would be honored to provide a speaker to address your group or event. We can talk about the about the vital importance of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base to both our National Defense and the Southern Arizona Community, and are happy to tailor fit a presentation for your organization. Please fill out our Guest Speaker form to schedule one of our speakers today!

2018 DM-Day

Veterans honored at DMAFB fundraiser

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