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Midland, Roger Clyne, the Jons and Drew Cooper.  What a great night!

 DM50 Mission Statement

DM50 advocates for the continued strength of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (DMAFB), supports its missions and Airmen, and educates the community on the importance of DMAFB to the local economy and national defense.

KOLD discusses Davis-Monthan’s Future
December 17th Op Ed (link)
December 17th Op Ed (download file)

DM 50 Member Linda Morales was recently honored as one of the Women Leading the Region” in Biz Tucson’s Summer 2023 issue.

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Changes at Davis-Monthan

In the last few weeks, the United States Air Force has announced sweeping changes for Davis Monthan Air Force Base (DM). Included in these changes is the retirement of the A-10 Warthogs over the next 5 years. The Air Force has tried a number of times to retire the plane in the past, but the late Senator John McCain and former Senator Martha McSally fought to keep the plane flying. The Air Force is now moving forward with its retirement, with initial cuts being made at DM in Fiscal Year 2024. In recognition of DM’s unique capabilities, the Air Force is planning to bring additional units and a new Wing to DM.

DM has a community of approximately 46,000 people, composed of approximately 11,000 total force airmen, 5,800 dependents, and 29,000 retirees. The base has 34 unique mission partners including, but not limited to the 355th Wing, where the A-10s are assigned, along with two Rescue Squadrons. From the most recent economic study, DM brought $2.6 billion of economic benefit annually to southern Arizona, making it the third largest employer in the area.

The Air Force is planning to bring additional Rescue units to DM that will be assigned to the 355th Wing. In addition, the Air Force has announced the formation of a new Special Operations 492nd Power Projection Wing to be based at DM. Establishment of the new wing will require substantial construction on base, bringing positive economic impact to the Tucson area. When these changes are complete, the DM community will remain at approximately the same size as it is today. Arizona’s current legislative representatives have voiced support for these changes at DM in an open letter to the Air Force.

The DM50 was formed in 1986. This group of businessmen and women from southern Arizona have supported Davis Monthan, including working with the Air Force and our elected officials to maintain the current strength level of the base. Our members have met with various Air Force officials and our elected officials to get new units to DM to fill in for the A-10 divestiture. These proposed Air Force plans for DM will ensure that it will remain an integral part of our community for many years to come.

Some individuals have asked our membership why we are not supporting the A-10 mission. The answer is simple: our mission is to support DM and its flying missions, not to specifically support the A-10. It is up to the Air Force to decide when to retire an airframe. We believe that the new missions the Air Force will bring to DM will be flying for the next 30 years. The A-10, with airframes ranging from 40 to 50 years old, is going to be out of the Air Force inventory in about five years. With the new missions coming to the base, DM’s economic impact on southern Arizona will remain in place for decades. The DM50 supports these mission changes. We believe this is in the best interest of southern Arizona and the continuing strength of DM.


Over 1,500 Airmen and their families joined us at the UA for good food and drinks, and to watch the UA beat the Red Raiders!

A great day of Golf at Randolph.  DM50 sponsored over 35 Airmen to join us at our annual Golf Tournament.

Support the base that supports Tucson

The DM50 is a non-profit, volunteer service organization comprised of over 100 local civic and business leaders that works to educate the community on the vital role that Davis-Monthan Air Force Base plays within the region. DM50 advocates on behalf of the airmen of Davis-Monthan, strengthening relationships between the Base and the educational, commercial, political, and social leadership of greater Tucson.

DM50 serves both the military and civilian communities of Southern Arizona by promoting and advocating for sustainable growth and quality of life that provides long-term stability to airmen and women and their families.

Military Spouse Employment Initiative

Finding employment opportunities for the spouses and families of the Airmen of Davis-Monthan is a critical part of overall military readiness and contributes greatly to the quality of life for the Airmen. Find out more about DM50’s Military Spouse Employment Initiative below.

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Join forces

Since its inception, DM50 has been instrumental in providing $1,500,000 for initiatives to improve the lives of our DM airmen. As a major driver of the Southern Arizona economy and valued community asset, DM50 also serves to inform and educate at the local, state and national levels on the importance of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

Help us protect our local military assets and the nations’ defense.

DM50 speaks!

We would be honored to provide a speaker to address your group or event. We can talk about the about the vital importance of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base to both our National Defense and the Southern Arizona Community, and are happy to tailor fit a presentation for your organization. Please fill out our Guest Speaker form to schedule one of our speakers today!

2018 DM-Day

Veterans honored at DMAFB fundraiser

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