According to the 2017 “Economic Impact of Arizona’s Principal Military Operations” prepared by the Maguire Company for the Military Affairs Commission, Davis-Monthan continues to be a major driver for economic prosperity throughout Southern Arizona. The report captures key Davis-Monthan economic data regarding employment; annual payroll, expenditures and estimated financial impacts; indirect and direct jobs created; retiree data; and the overall annual economic impact estimate. In 2017, the economic impact of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base included:

  • $3 billion overall to the local Tucson economy
  • 19,175 local jobs
  • 19,321 military retirees in the local community with an annual retirement pay of $513.6 million
  • An estimated 7,577 indirect and induced jobs with an approximate annual dollar value of $338.7 million
  • Over 68,000 hours of direct community support
  • Combined operations and maintenance outlays that totaled more than $369 million

Uniting Southern Arizona in Support of DM

DM50 works to raise awareness among the general public and to inform the military that the Southern Arizona community welcomes and truly values the presence of Davis-Monthan throughout the region. In a survey recently released by the Southern Arizona Defense Alliance, nearly 92 percent of residents polled said they support the presence Davis-Monthan and other military bases in the region very strongly, strongly or moderately, with nearly 49 percent expressing very strong support.*

Tucson values all that the Base brings to our community and DM50 continues share this spirit both local and nationally.

*For more information on this survey study and the Southern Arizona Defense Alliance (SADA), please visit: