Technical Services

Chuck Durham ( is the Sector Coordinator for the Technical Services Sector.

Chuck has worked in the Technical Services area, and is very familiar with most of listed companies, as well as other companies working in this area. If you have any question regarding the sector, or the Tucson economy in general, please email Chuck.

Staff Matters

Staff Matters is locally owned and operated, and is the largest recruiting and staffing firm in Southern Arizona. We work with a wide variety of companies from small businesses with 5 employees, to fortune 500 companies, non-profits, manufacturers, IT and software companies, warehouses, and many more. The types of jobs we specialize in fall into the following categories:

G eneral Professional

E ngineering

T echnical

S cientific 


A dministrative

L ight Industrial

L abor

HOURLY, Non-Technical jobs

If you are interested in an hourly, non-technical job, contact our clerical, light industrial and labor division at or 520-647-9100 x 3

Technical and Professional Jobs

If you are interested in technical (hourly or salaried) or non-technical salaried jobs, contact our clerical, light industrial and labor division at or 520-647-9100 x 4

Please know that, given your particular background, we may have a 0% chance of being able to help you, or a 95% chance. Our recruiters respond to all calls and emails, but they only initiate contact if one of our clients has a job for which you are one of the best 5-10 candidates that we can find. We may have multiple jobs for you to consider right now, or we may have none for months. We do hope we can help you take the next step in your career!

For Staff Matters Career Opportunities, click here.

Please note that Sector Coordinators are not employment advisors, and they do not accept resumes, make calls on applicants’ behalf, or connect them with a particular company.

Tell us how we’re doing!

Please contact us and let us know how we’re doing.  We’d like to know any issues you might have had, any suggestions for improvement, and, most especially any successes you had in finding employment.