Help us do more.

DM50 functions as both a 501c3 and 501c6 organization. As advocates we serve in more than one capacity, and as such, require more than one funding entity.

DM50:  501c3

Funds help DM50 continue its support of the welfare of the Airmen of Davis-Monthan by providing funding and resources for dozens of initiatives that improve the quality of life for DM’s airmen. This entity accepts charitable donations (including dues form individuals who wish to deduct their dues as a donation) to assist in these efforts and accepts funding from our C6.


DM50:  501c6

Funds support DM50 advocates for the base and works to bridge relationships among DM and the educational, commercial, political and social leadership of greater Tucson. We work directly with the City of Tucson. Pima County, the State of Arizona and the federal government. This fund also raises monies from events and business dues (paid by businesses rather than individual donations).


If you want would like to donate by check, please select a fund and mail to:

PO Box 32919
Tucson, Arizona 85751