Protect a Valued Local Institution. Over the last two decades, the Air Force has undergone extensive structural changes. The force is now 40 percent smaller than it was at the end of the Cold War, yet due to ongoing operations to counter terrorism, expeditionary deployments are on the rise. 

This evolution has challenged both the Air Force and the host communities of Air Force bases to advocate on behalf of military communities. DM50 continues to lead the effort to protect Davis-Monthan Air Force Base as a key Combat Command Installation, assuring that local and state governments work in virtual lockstep with their Air Force counterparts.

DM50 functions as an advocate for our Base.  If you would like to tell Congress what a valuable and important asses Davis-Monthan is to Southern Arizona, please contact them using the addresses listed below.

Support the airmen of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

You can support the airmen of Davis-Monthan by participating in the Military Spouse Employment Initiative and hiring the spouses of active DM personnel. These civilian spouses are valuable and talented, and they need to find work to help support their families. You can also show your support through a variety of events and activities including:

  • The annual Salute to DM
  • Support Our Base: America’s Asset. Tucson’s Treasure
  • The annual DM50 Picnic and Car Show for airmen and their families
  • The annual DM50 UA Tail Gate Party
  • Support the DM50 Car Safety Seat Program

Advocate for the Retention of Davis-Monthan in the Community

  • Educate the public on the economic impact of Davis-Monthan
  • Promote the importance of Davis-Monthan Air Force with elected officials at the local, state and national levels
  • Contact your Representative to write your letter of support

Give directly to DM50 to support our efforts in Southern Arizona DONATE